A Case for Holy Living

September 30, 2011 0

By John MacArthur Despite many technological advancements, the twenty-first century has entered frighteningly dark waters. Look at the headlines—the threat of global terrorism, the chaos of […]

Acting up in church

September 29, 2011 0

 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones(Prov.17;22)  One Sunday in a Midwest City, a young child was “acting […]

The Valleys Of Life

September 29, 2011 0

The Valleys Of Life We love to have the mountaintop Experiences of life To be in God’s presence worshiping Where our spirits soar so high […]

Zambia’s New President

September 25, 2011 0

Zambian president steps aside as ‘King Cobra’ takes reins (CNN) — Zambian opposition leader Michael Sata took office after the incumbent president tearfully conceded in a […]

Power Snacks

September 25, 2011 0

Sure, genetics play a big role in heart health. But lifestyle choices, like diet and exercise, play an even bigger part in preventing and reversing […]

Sleep disorders

September 25, 2011 0

Definition Sleep disorders involve any difficulties related to sleeping, including difficulty falling or staying asleep, falling asleep at inappropriate times, excessive total sleep time, or […]