NO Ebola in Europe?

Fears over the latest outbreak of Ebola are growing in Europe, as the disease continues to spread across West Africa. But there is no need for hysteria, says DW’s Peter Hille. A black woman at a job center in Berlin says she is not feeling well because of a fever. She faints and collapses on the floor. Shortly after, dozens of police officers, firefighters and doctors arrive at the scene. The woman is taken to hospital while the job center remains cordoned off for hours with hundreds of people trapped…

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HIV drugs ‘boost South African life expectancy’

Life expectancy in South Africa has increased dramatically over the last decade, mainly thanks to life-saving Aids drugs, a government report says. South Africans are living on average up to 61.2 years compared to 52.2 years nearly 10 years ago, the figures show. “The life expectancy is expected to keep improving because of improving medical science methods,” the head of the national statistics agency said. South Africa runs the world’s largest anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs programme. “For 2014, life expectancy at birth is estimated at 59.1 years for males and 63.1…

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