What Is the Best Position for Sleep?

My name is Dr. Peter Martone. I am a chiropractor and an exercise physiologist. This is my “sleep story.” When I think back to my earliest memories when I was a child, I can still remember wanting to sleep on my side, which faced the crucifix on the wall in my room. I felt secure and protected and every morning I would end up at the end of my bed or even on the floor. I never stayed in one position. As years passed I continued to be a side…

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Life Style 

Enhancing the Microbiome Through Diet, Sleep, and Exercise

Strategies for Altering the Microbiome The gut microbiome, a dynamic feature of the gastrointestinal system, has the potential to dramatically influence health outcomes. Through complex interactions with the host immune system and signaling pathways, the gut microbiome can significantly influence the pathogenesis of disease states such as cancer, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Recent technological advances have vastly improved not only our understanding of the gut microbiome but also potential mechanisms through which we may confer health benefits by altering it. As what one eats…

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