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The insightful beneficiaries of Prekese

etrapleura tetraptera better known in Ghana as “Prekese” is a species of flowering plant in the pea family native, mostly found in the Western part of Africa.

Research makes it emphatically clear the tree comes along with countless benefits, making it a valued asset to Ghanaians,most especially to the tribe of “Akans.”

Tetrapleura tetraptera (Prekese) possess a treasured sweet fragrance which leave the citizenry’s of Ghana nothing but to use it in the preparation of their soups and can be used in the preparation of assorted soups because of it’s medicinal benefits.

With it’s uses to mankind. “Prekese” can be used in the manufacturing of soft drinks, due to it’s energetic qualities. Mostly recommended and used by individuals involved in tedious and stressful works and also sportsmen, due to the energy they loss performing their various sporting activities.

In addition, comes with several medicinal benefit which includes the usage in managing leprosy,rheumatism and convulsion.

The fruits of the earlier mentioned flowering plant can as well be used as flavor for soap and pomade manufactures.

The fruit of the plant according to recommendations of learned doctors suggest that it can as well play a key role in curing victims with blood pleasure.

Research also reveals and has it that tetrapleura tetraptera is very beneficial in the controlling of diabetes ‘type 2’ and also in the treatment of fever and enema.

A person recovering from a medical condition is often advised to bath with soaked water of the whole fruit for fast relief and also provide free bawous to constipated persons.

African is however encouraged to cultivate the habit of naturing such an amazing,important and beneficial plant to help aid in the solving and reduction of some problems troubling Africans. Most especially to that patterning to diseases.




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